If I could paint a city, I would paint all the buildings with different colors, and I would love the city to be a colorful city. Before I begin a painting, I walk around the city and find something that excites me, at the same time, looking at a scene like taking a snapshot with a wide angle lens. There are a lot of places that inspire me, especially street scenes: Downtown shadows and energy surrounding me. Everytime I go out, I always feel a lot of things, there are a lot of places that can turn into a painting, and I really believe that if I paint this, it will be a great painting.
    I started seeing colors actually six years ago. My first experience seeing color was in art school. I was confused when my instructor said, "there is a lot of color out there", and, "you have to learn how to see it." "If you cannot see it, you cannot paint it." I started observing the changing light which make the magic colors appear. Almost like a rainbow. There are colors in the air. If you don't try to see it, you are not going to see it.
    When I go out with friends to take a break from painting, and try to relax, and think of different things, suddenly, something I see will transforms me back to my world. I am caught up in a crowd, the atmosphere and the shadows. Thinking again of painting, I start feeling color: I see the shadows and the lighting, it is so beautiful!
    Cityscapes are my first choice to paint. I feel a lot of energy in the city. I love to capture the feeling of a single moment: The tail lights of the cars speeding; the light reflecting from the building; and the shapes of shadows. I exaggerate the perspective to create intensity of emotion in my paintings. In all my life, I could never paint every spot in San Francisco city. I could never do that, because I keep seeing beautiful things on every street corner, every section of downtown. I think that they would make a beautiful painting. I would like to continue painting until my last day.

2014-11-12 19.53.59.jpg