veerakeat cityscape artist.

Veerakeat is a cityscape artist

I was born in Khon-Khan, Thailand in 1965. The first school I attended was the Demonstration School which allowed me to use my imagination and open to the artist’s way. During the school year, I would do better in art than in the other subjects. My interest in art increased every day. When I was 14 my work was submitted for international competition. I won three awards in a row. I felt good about my talent, and I knew in my heart that I wanted to grow up to be an artist.
This was the first time I aimed my future toward art, but everything wasn’t as easy as I thought. My family was concerned about my future. I changed my direction to architecture school. After I graduated I always remember what my mom said to me, ‘The only thing she could give me was an education’, which I already had.
Now, the future is up to me, I decided to come to Amercia, to follow my dream as an artist. It took me four years to save money for school by working at my Aunt’s restaurant. In 1992, I was able to go to Academy of Art College to complete my Masters in Fine Art. I graduated in 1994.